The Program personality of the month design with consideration to overall academic growth of the students. In this program we introduce a wide ranging personality to guide the students

Institution aims to enable the practical learning methods and making efforts to encourage students. In order to give them experience and excitements of hard core sciences as an academic discipline, a workshop is jointly organized.

Following are some seminar and workshops that we had:

  1. Competitive examination : With an intention to create awareness about the competitive examinations this program is design in which we gives various ideas about the examinations, syllabus, eligibility etc.
    Resource person: Mr. Rajiv Rathod Sir has the 10 years experience of guiding the UPSC students and he is only in Akola and buldana district who conduct the classes.


  2. Math Workshop: To remove the mathematics phobia from the minds of the students school conducted various programs. The main objective of this program is to kindling the interest in young minds.  Two well-known personalities   have been introduces through this program.
    Resource person: Mr. Bhau shinde has introduced an innovative geometry instrument.  He shared his knowledge and math tricks in various part of the world and won the international award.
    Resource person: Mr. Vivek Wagh has over 27 years of experience in the field of mathematics.  He has design several experiments, activities for developing knowledge and skill across the education spectrum.  He is the honorary faculty of South African university.


  3. Science Workshop: A simple world of science often evokes a series of intricate equations and theorems that hardly find any affinity with tiny wondering souls.  Institution aims to provide practical base learning of scientific rules by giving them training to prepare scientific toys.
    Resource Person: Mr. Sandip Khare he works on his urge to do something different and to walk on the less trodden path. Instead of  bookish theories he enables the student to have a practical sense of science.